What is the best diet for you?

Usually, it takes doing a DNA or some other testing to figure out the best diet for you. However, according to specialists, this is now an old and incorrect way of choosing you a ration of food.

Double-check your intentions
You should think of why you are willing to change your original diet and switch to a new one. Maybe you are consumed by the society’s idea of becoming vegan or is it your organism that tells you that meals without meat will help it to work properly. Focus on your personal needs without caring about what others think is better for you, try to listen to your body. Your body will tell you what type of nutrition satisfies its needs.

Make one change at a time
If you decide to go vegan or try some special diet, there is nothing that would block you from doing that. However, try to cut out one ingredient at a time when you try something new. For example, if you want to stop eating food with gluten, you can try it, if you want to eliminate soy from your daily ration – do that. Simply don’t stop all at once, otherwise, you won’t be able to figure out what type of food made you feel better or worse.

One month
If you are trying some new diet, just give your body at least a month to accept the changes in your nutrition. After that period, think about the effects that this diet had on your body. If you don’t feel good with this type, try another one. You don’t have to wait until the end of a month to quit. Sometimes your organism may stay in harmony with your new diet, but with the time you may feel that this one doesn’t fit you well, or you don’t feel enough energy, or your body condition doesn’t satisfy you, so it will be better to quit on this type of ration and try something new.

Write down your results
The best way of figuring out whether the diet has a positive change in your organism is to track your feelings after the meal. Usually, people use special apps, which can be very easy to use to track your results. Make notes on what food you have eaten and how you felt afterwards. This can also help you to find out trigger foods for specific medical conditions, or any other health problems, such as stomachaches and headaches.

Think about your results
After testing your new diet, ask yourself honestly whether you feel better than when you were following your previous diet, or not. If it fits perfectly and you feeling that your body is in comfort with this ration, then this must be the best option for you. You can always try something new. Maybe you will manage to find something even more helpful for you. Don’t be afraid of trying. You may even understand that the type of diet that you are following right now no longer fits your lifestyle and you have to find something completely different. Remember to pay attention to your body’s reaction to the new nutrition type. Even if somebody said that you have to follow a specific diet to become slim, but you don’t feel ok with it, make sure that you still want to stay healthy, not just lose your weight.