Six products causing the aging process

The body’s metabolism slows down with age, hormonal system function is inhibited, the skin becomes covered with wrinkles and loses more elasticity due to its decreasing collagen and elastin content. Aging is a natural process that we are powerless to stop, but good genetics, personal care in the most thorough manner and healthy nutrition are capable of performing miracles. Remove from the dietary structure all products listed below and you will be able to keep and to prolong youth.

Ageing of the skin: what drinks do cause it?

Alcohol is very destructive for our skin surface (the epidermis) and there is nothing surprising in this. Scientists have proved that alcohol stimulates dehydration and it explains why the appearance of wrinkles on the face is even more visible. Such an opinion expresses in her book the well-known nutritionist Sarah Jane Bedwell. But skin ageing is not the only side effect caused by alcohol. Strong drinks widen the blood vessels on the face, so it’s very easy to recognize the people who are used to chill out in this way because they are characterized by the red and puffy face as well as baggy skin below the eyes.

Premature ageing is credit of foods in vacuum packaging

vacuum packaging
With the development of the chemical industry, the advent of any type of preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers we got the opportunity to cook food less often, because the products with such dietary supplements are characterized by a long shelf life. All sorts of semi-manufactured foodstuffs relieved us from the necessity to slave over a hot stove after a hard day’s work, because now it’s enough to warm up the pancakes or any ready dinner in the microwave oven and to stay hunger. The only problem is that such meals is not beneficial to the body function, but harms the health, because chemical additives contribute in the body to the formation of free radicals as being mainly responsible for premature aging and cancer diseases.

Salt and all salt-rich products as activators of premature ageing

Salt and all salt-rich products
The first to come to mind are all kinds of pickles and marinades, but much salt contain also all the favorite sausages, smoked meats and other products of the meat industry. Large quantity of salt retains water in the body provoking swelling and they visually add us extra years. However, not only this side effect increases the process of growing old. The thing is that with age in the body the production of collagen and elastin decreases and as a result a fragility of bones and the risk of fracture increase. The accumulations of salt further worsen the existing situation, because muscles, bones and tissues receive insufficient essential mineral salts.

Sugar and all sweets are the main enemies of our youth

Sugar and all sweets
Sugar directly accelerates the aging of skin and the entire body, as it tends to remain and store in the collagen fibers of the epidermis and in this way reduces its elasticity. In addition, namely the breakdown products of sugar attract and detain free radicals, on the harm of which for youth has been already said. Through the misuse of sugar and other sweets in large quantities you can provoke a metabolic disorder and weakened immune defenses, and in relation to this case does not have to talk about the youth prolongation. Furthermore, for the ingestion of sugar the body spends a large amount of calcium washing this mineral out of the bones and increasing their fragility like a salt. Sugar should be considered responsible for coatings of fat. It’s no secret that people with overweight look much older than their smart and slender one-year-olds.

Energy drinks suppose that pepper-upper will be replaced by old age

Energy drinks
It would seem that even kids know about the serious harm of energy drinks, but very few people think about premature ageing opening a tin with a pleasant drink. But in the meantime, it includes caffeine, which not only causes addiction, but also forces to buy the product again and again, that leads to dehydration too, which also does not contribute to freshness and youth. The energy drinks content a lot of sugar and acids that damage tooth enamel, cover it with yellow color and adds years to our age. And if at first, we are experiencing a rush of vigor and strength, then later we feel tired and broken, and after all you will agree that it is rather difficult to look younger than your years with such well-being.

Refined oil

Refined oil
We do not hesitate to use it for cooking, believing that it is more useful than to fry meat or anything else on margarine or melted fat. However, premature aging is in many respects the “merit” of refined oil, which is processed at a multistage process. To dissolve the grains, it means the direct oil extraction from seeds a toxic petrochemical hexane product is used. Although the producers assure us that, afterwards, there is no trace of hexane in the product, the doctors recommend us not take their word for it. In addition, after extracting the oil different resinous and sticky substances together with nutrients such as minerals and vitamins will be removed and ultimately we get something that is of no use and even harmful to the body and activates the aging process.