How to choose a primary care physician in the US?

A primary care physician is a doctor whom you see routinely for basic checkups, non-emergency illnesses and references to other specialists in case of complications. The Affordable Care Act has influenced numerously a number of people with health care and now they all are looking for a physician they could call their own.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a doctor whom you see regularly. You might have any current health issues, or maybe your insurance plan requires you to select a primary care physician. It is also useful for any adult responsible human to have a person they could contact in case of any concerns and not try to cure himself or herself.

Here are some simple steps to walk you through the way of looking for a specialist:

  1. First of all, you might want to take into account any health issues that you already have. It might be a chronic illness or any occurred health issue. That means that you have already visited a doctor, following up those diseases. So, what you need to do is to google that doctor, that you’re already seeing. Or just give a call to his or her office – as some of them might have the rights to be your primary care physician.
  2. Then you have to check with your insurance plan to find out doctors, or how they call – care providers, are covered in network. From there you can search as per their location or references you have.
  3. Consider whether you like to see a doctor who runs his or her small office or a doctor who works for a larger company – a hospital or a clinic. The doctors who are running their own business often offer more personal care, but sometimes they can’t run different kinds of payments or offer convenient office hours.
  4. Research the candidates. Even though there are not so many useful websites where you can find actual information on a doctor. However, we recommend going to, where you will be able to see when was last time your candidate renewed his or her certification. In addition, you can type Top doctors of your city in the search to have a place to start with.
  5. Nevertheless, as we all know, the Internet can hardly be trusted on some matters. Therefore, the best way to get reviews would be to ask your family or friends about the doctors they’re seeing.
  6. Once you feel confident about your choice and you’re ready to take a decision, you should check if this doctor takes your insurance. Then notify your insurance company, whom did you choose – almost all insurance companies will let you do it online easily.
  7. Finally, schedule your appointment and visit your doctor. Even if you will not be satisfied with the doctor after your first visit – almost all insurance companies will definitely let you change your primary health care physician during a year. Here are the things you should look at during your first appointment – either your doctor was attentive or not, was the staff professional, did they call you back to check up on how you’re feeling.

Hopefully, these simple advices will help you with making this not easy decision – whom to make your primary health care physician. And take care!